15 February 2009

She is becoming

She said she's only great in her head
and I see her dancing to herself,
planning a life she deserves more out of.
In her pretty gray eyes..
I can see the clouds she hides
and she smiles like the girl no one knows,
she smiles like a girl everyone sees.
She says she's just dreaming,
She says she could be anywhere
She says I'm beautiful.
She can't find what I see,
everything good in an imperfect light
a friend to the heart
a puzzeling fit
She's been called everythings
he's been called nothing
she is becoming.
She is becoming..

10 February 2009


I still cry
But I lie
You are long, so far gone
And I'm dancing in the fog
I feel inspired,
but it's all the same
You run in circles of all you have desired
And I turn faces in the rain
I wish you the best of all the stars
and pretend you never left a crack
while you placed my heart in broken jars;
searching deep through the whole in my back
for any trace of what had been
and never seemed to be.
Mistified, objectified by the dead end,
wonderous thoughts of if I will ever be free.
You could see in the dark
and feel in the light:
A mystery in the spark
of what you said that night.
And I can't say I'll come back,
but I'm not gone.

09 February 2009


I am obsessive
I am obsessive
I am obsessive
Perfection is relative.
I am lost
I am hopeful
I am together
Alone is relative.
I can't
I won't
I would
The truth never lies.
I am a hypocrit
I am a face
I am a name
Morality is relative.
I am here
I am not there
I am gone
Presence is relative.
I am what you are not; transparent.
I am relative.

08 February 2009

Half steps

There's green eyes under a blue sky
Telling a story in disguise
A boy in his late years
About a girl and her biggest fears
She moves in circles and half steps
Tracing every loss and misstep
Her dark eyes in the dark of night
and his bright smile covered in light
Whispering words of who she's becoming
and the pain she is perfectly numbing
Free hair on dewy grass
insecurities splitting like glass
Secret stories escaped her lips in lullabies
of how time stands, of how time flies
Innocent faces on the stars
breaking through restraining bars
Left turn right
He said you made this night
Up, lay down
Her mouth framed, let's skip this town.
Smile, tell me now
Laughter, just right now
We're tangled, just tangled
there's nothing to be mangled
They're walking in circles and half steps
forgetting every misstep.